Banter Battles

Overview of the rules

Banter Battles (BanBat) are a fast play set of rules that take a light-hearted approach to a range of wargaming periods. The rules are designed for social games and introducing new people of all ages into a very rewarding and interesting hobby.

Banter Battles are designed to cover only two sides of A4 paper, but still can provide the depth and focus for a specific period. One side of A4 displays the common rules and concepts. The other side of the A4 contains the period specific QRS and any additional period rules.

The rules use single models/bases make up a unit. A single base will represent a single man or several men. Distance is measured in a scale of a single base width and this width relates to an actual ground scale. The period being played will dictate the figure to men ratio and the distance scale relative to a single base width.

The rules use a system of random move/activation selection by the players pulling coloured dice hidden in a bag..

Core Rules

To download the core rules sheet Click Here

QRS WW2 - Brigade level

To download the QRS for Brigade level WW2 games Click Here