Edited by Martin Stephenson

Rebels and Yankees has been designed to introduce new players to wargaming during the American Civil War, 1861-65. Consequently, the rules do not attempt a detailed simulation rather they look to give a flavour of this exciting period. It is hoped that the game will also provide more experienced wargamers with a simple, enjoyable, and more relaxed game without the complexities associated with match play rules. The rules are designed to use with any scale of models. To play the games all you need are a few six sided dice numbered one to six, model soldiers for both sides, terrain to represent the chosen battlefield and a ruler. Depending on the size of the forces involved and once familiar with the rules, you should be able to complete a game in about two to three hours.

Game Scale

In wargaming there is usually a link between the real-world representation in ground scale and several men. Rebel and Yankees uses 1 base width (BW) to equal 40 yds with 80 men deployed in two ranks. Several bases would make up a regiment unit depending on the regiments size. Base Widths (BW) are used also in the game for movement and range distances. Where players wish to use figures instead of the bases. If that is the case, then for distances use an inch instead of a base width. Calculate dice on number of figures in the front rank instead of the number of bases. For 15mm a base would be around 40mm and in 25/28mm a base width would be around 60mm.