The Oak Warrior rules enable fast play games set in the Age of Sail. Optional rules are included to cover early steam ships. These rules can be used with any models. The required templates are available as a separate free download. The rules provide an engaging and interactive game with the correct period feel. The system enables players to interrupt their opponent's actions so both players are fully engaged for the whole turn.

For a game of a few squadrons a typical dining room table will be sufficient (roughly 5ft x 3ft). For bigger fleet games, a table of 6ft x 4ft is recommended. Standard D6 dice are used and a ruler with inches is required. You will also need models and terrain to represent the scenario you wish to play.

Movement is managed through a system of signals passed at two distinct levels within the game. The top level is the Fleet Commander's. Below that is the level for Squadron Commanders. Ships are allocated several signals; these can be influenced by higher level commands.


Below are a number of fleets that can be printed onto card, folded and then used. A number of nations are provided.