Matchlock & Pikes is principally a board wargame set in the pike and shot period, from 1618 to 1650. This covers the Thirty Years War till the Battle of Dunbar at the end of the English Civil Wars. The game pieces are wooden blocks, but single unit bases with miniatures can be just as easily used. If players are using this format, then in the rules simply replace terminology “block(s)” with the phrase “unit(s)”.

A game board is laid out in a rectangle, with a grid system overlayed. This space is 12 grids wide and 9 grids deep. A player’s edge is the long side, opposite to their opponent. The game focuses of manoeuvre and battle space domination. The game board is made up of A4 mini boards placed in a 3x3 arrangement.

There is a combat system to resolve conflicts in the same grid. These rules also use a system of alternative interactions by the individual players instead of the more traditional wargaming approach of “I go, you go” by turns. The game instead consisting of several mini phases which do not stop. The game flow is one fluid sequence of interactions without the detailed steps known as ‘start/end of turn phase’. In Matchlock & Pikes the only interruption to the flow of the game, is resolving shooting or hand to hand combat. Additionally, players will have to manage their army’s overall morale.

TIF image format files are provided to allow players to print out the resources needed, except for providing six sided dice. Blocks or miniatures as units. Starter printable game pieces are provided as TIF files, which can be cut out and glued onto 40mm x 20mm MDF bases.

Finally, these rules are designed for casual play and are not written for match or similar competitive play. Players are welcome to use them as such but will have to make their own umpire rulings.

Starter game Edgehill, 1642

Below are the boards which print onto A4 and some starter game tokens so that players can try out the game as self pring board game.

Individual boards and starter game tokens

Click the image to download as a TIF