Matchlocks and Pikes (1618 - 1650)

Free rules for battles 1618 to 1650 as a board game or table top.

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Tea and Biscuits Rules (1618 - 1899)

Quick play rules for wargaming The start of The Thirty Years War to the end of The Mahdist Wars.

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Colonialism To Revolution

Quick play rules for wargaming The Franco Prussian War to The Early Inter War Years.

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Oak Warriors

Quick play rules for wargaming The Age of Sail.

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Rebels and Yankees

Quick play rules for wargaming The American Civil War.

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Drums and Muskets

Quick play rules for wargaming the period 1792 - 1856.

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I have been a wargamer since my school days in the early 1980s. I started out with Airfix 1/72 models and the Bruce Quarrie's Napoleonic rules. Pictures of Peter Gilder's Battle of Waterloo game were the catalyst to enter the hobby. I love the "game" aspect of the hobby. I play a broad range of periods and enjoy this in building armies in 15mm to 1/32 scale. My interest in rule writing grew out of needing sets to play 1/32 at an army level. My rules are always aimed at the 'Beer and Pretzel' style game and therefore rely on the players own historical knowledge to design the opposing armies and game objectives.However, my rules do provide a good easily flowing framework to facilitate games with a focus on morale and command.

For match play, I am active in the United Kingdom on the MeG and more recently ReG circuit. My local wargaming club is at Sarisbury Green which is in Southampton, not too far from where I live on the edge of The New Forest (UK), with my family.

Happy gaming